What is BIDIPET?

Here at Bidipet we want to make it easy for you to find your special pet and for you a pet owner or breeder who is looking for a new home for puppies, kittens, digs, cats, horses, ponies and smaller pets.

To list a pet for sale on Bidipet is easy at just the same as other auction sites you may use except this one is just about pets.

To list a pet for sale you need to become a member which is just £5.00 per year. Every time you advertise a pet for sale it is just £10 or you can choose a premium membership for £45 a year an list as many pets and adverts as you like.

You can join for FREE for ever to view the pets on offer but you won’t be able to bid or see more of the pet detail until you become a member.
To become a member is an annual fee of £5.00.

We do this to make sure we know and you know who’ll be buying your pet.



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